Follies of diabetes, Chapter 2 part 2

Okay and now that you are caught up…

I was supposed to go to work that day.   “Supposed to” being the operative phrase.  The fact is that I never left the bed.  I felt like death.  I could not for the life of me figure out the issue.  All I knew is that I was thirsty, like crazy thirsty but nothing would stay down.  My mom brought mw ginger ale thinking it would settle my stomach, it did not.

I called mom again and told her I might have to go to the hospital. I could feel my heart beating heavily through my chest.  The ambulance pulled up and I can only imagine what I looked like.  My lips were dry and cracked.  The paramedics told me to suck on a wet rag to help with the dehydration.  I remember sucking it dry.

I was put in the ambulance and I do not know how the ride went because I passed out.  This part was relayed to me.  The doctors determined that it had been quite some time since I took any insulin.  Somehow I forgot.  It caused my blood glucose to rise which led to the dehydration.

I was also told that while I was out a priest came in and asked if he should read my last rites.  She declined.  I woke up not too long after that, I felt a lot better, fluids flowed through me and it felt like life.

The girl I was seeing showed up…with her mom.  This was the first time I met her mom, “Hi, your daughter is dating this broken mess”.  The girl found out I was in hospital because I called her every day at the same time during lunch at work.  Except for this day.  Then her brother called her to say that he saw an ambulance in front of my house and he thought I was being loaded into it.

So she came to see me.  In hind sight she was a wonderful woman but it did not last long.  I was embarrassed and ashamed and told her it was best for her not to get involved with me, I am such a rebel.

This was not enough of a wakeup call and I tried to be healthy at first but it was no fun, so I went back to my old ways.  I know there is no humor in this story.  I guess that is why I told it.  To share this with you and that you can get healthy eventually as soon as you want to.  I am now.

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