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Dating a diabetic is not something you should be worried about, as long as they are taking care of themselves.  I am not saying I was undateable in my past life of unhealthiness but I certainly did not make life easy of the girls I was into.  Diabetes care has grown by leaps and bounds since I was diagnosed.  It is not as much of a hassle anymore and rarely will interrupt your time together.

You may wonder if this is really an issue well from what I have heard from diabetics and those who date diabetics there is cause for concern.  I have seen diabetics who lost partners because they were afraid of what the disease could ultimately do.  I have seen concerned mates ask questions so they could be more aware of the disease.

I dated a girl who seemed to know about the disease than I did at one time.  Fact is this disease is not as much of a death sentence as it once was.  In fact diabetics are living longer.  Yes there is the potential for complications but really isn’t true for pretty anyone, healthy or not?  None of us are immortal though I am working on a secret potion because living forever would be cool.

I know this probably seems silly to most that you know that you can date a diabetic with little worry, but as a single diabetic it is important that men and women know this.  I have listed some reasons why dating a diabetic might benefit you.

  • More sweets for you
  • Healthier eating, well besides the above point
  • We are sweet, charming and the best lovers (I may be biased)
  • Exercise is super important to us
  • For the ladies, we always put the seat down
  • We are loads of fun
  • We have a great sense of humor, I should know I am a comedian

So there you have it, if you meet a diabetic and see it as a turn off, just look at everything you are turning down.  Bret Michaels and Jay Cutler are both diabetic do you think women walk away from them because of it?  Nope, and you should not let it stop you either.

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