Where there is darkness, turn on a light

Do you know what it feels like to be saved?  I am not speaking religiously, I am just saying realizing you are lucky to be alive and for many reasons?  I posted yesterday about being sad and weighed down by diabetes.  I received such a great response It was overwhelming and it touched me.

This blog is dedicated to every single thing that makes me happy.  The things I focus on when dark clouds hover over me and the reign falls.  The misuse of the word was intentional.  I have my family, we are not perfect, but no matter what they are always there to be goofs and show me love.  My mother who has given everything to give me and my sister a great life.  She worked many jobs so we could live under a roof and so I could have a Sega Genesis.

My friends I tell you I am blessed and lucky to have such amazing people in my life.  I am a dork and I surround myself with dorks, we live in our dorky world and laugh at the normal folks.  My cat, Lola, she is every ounce of nutty that you expect from a cat.  Most of the day she avoids me but when I go to bed she climbs on my chest and purrs.  That sweet hum is comforting.

Music has always been there for me, it never judged me.  It lets me love it as much as I want to and does not mind being with me every second of the day.

I will end with one last thing.  My hope for a wonderful future.  Yesterday I posted my uncertainty of the future but I still believe I am meant for greater things.  I know my wife is out there somewhere, she just in not aware yet.  I am getting back into comedy.  I never did it for the money I just love making people laugh.  If laughter is the best medicine then I should have PhD.  I am half kidding.

I never needed to be rich, I just want enough money to live comfortably.  I have hope of seeing what my friends do.  The amazing things they will accomplish.  I look forward to life although sometimes I wish I could speed things up.  I am learning every day to appreciate the process and I know that my story has a happy ending.

Okay so maybe being rich would be cool too.

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