Where do you do it?

Before your mind goes to the gutter, okay perhaps it is too late for that, I am talking about finger pricks and insulin injections.  The reason I ask is because I try to rotate sites.  It is better to be able to use a number of places rather than one or two.

The only thing is that there are limits.  Insulin should be injected in to a fatty part of the body: the back of your upper arm, belly, upper thigh and just above you gluteus maximus.  Scientific terms will fool you into believing that I am smart.  Until that sentence which totally blows my cover.

The problem is that these places aren’t always easily accessible.  I stick to my belly mainly because it is the easiest place to get to.  I do try to move to different parts of my belly.  Second is the upper thigh, I inject here usually when I am out to eat and can use the washroom.

Finger pricking is a thing of the past or is it?  Most meters now a days allow you to prick the palm of your hand or your forearm.  I have tried using these other site but it takes forever if ever at all to get enough of a blood sample.  I have many tiny scabs on my fingers because it is so easy to get enough blood there.

However, I have encountered another issue and that is callouses.  I have taken up the ukulele and I play it a couple of hours every night.  Now my finger shave callouses which are impervious to pricking.  Now I have to move away from my fingertips to just off center to get the right amount of blood.

So it begs the question.  Where do you do it?

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