Victoza and my pancreas

I wrote about Victoza and that it was unusual that it was prescribed to me because it is typically prescribed to type 2 diabetics.  It helps stimulate insulin production.  That is the weird part, as I am fairly certain my pancreas is only for show at this point.   Seriously, it has its own Facebook page and is currently dating a Kardashian.

Anyway, it made me question why my primary care doctor would prescribe it.  It was basically a shot in the dark trying to attack diabetes from all angles.  I took it because I guess I hoped that my pancreas still produced even just a tiny bit of insulin and maybe I could be a medical marvel.  So even though it made me nauseous I took the shots, with hope that it would help with my management.

My new endocrinologist was surprised to hear I was on it and told me it was pointless and told me to discontinue, it was not bad for me but it was not doing anything but making me sick.  That is when my pancreas began its downward spiral and started dating a Kardashian.  It also threw a fit and yelled at me for using wire hangers.  After all, it is a pancreas... I fold its clothes.

I know this post is a bit ridiculous, but I want to keep this blog fresh and fun to read.  I want you to look forward to reading it and hopefully learn with me along the way.  Also, I referenced the Kardashians 3 times now, I wonder if i can tag this article with "Kardashian" and watch my numbers go through the roof.

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