Taking Wilford Brimley down a peg. He had it coming.

Why is Wilford Brimley so unhappy?  He is quite the curmudgeon.  In all of the centuries he has been in show business I do not remember him cracking even half of a smile.  He ruined oatmeal for many when he was a spokesperson for Quaker Oats and now diabetus is not even fun.

Yes, diabetes is a serious disease but I feel like if I do not go with Liberty Medical Mr. Brimley makes me fear for my life.  His cold eyes stare daggers into me.  I have restraining order against him, you know, just in case.  I feel like if he ever catches me cheating on my diet he will have me “eliminated”.

If you are a Brimley apologist I am sorry but he has to be taken down a peg.  Maybe he needs a hug, but you do not hug a bear.  I have insurance and I am able to get my diabetes testing supplies on my own.  I do not need to be admonished for not using the company you are shilling for.

Diabetes needs a new mascot.  I would be an excellent choice.  I am nice and have a welcoming smile.  Plus I am easy on the eyes.  I will accept you no matter how you care for your diabetes and I will pronounce it correctly.  Oatmeal is a different story, I do not mess around when it comes to oatmeal.

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