Oh, hello nausea

I have a new conundrum, oh how I love that word.  Anyway, I have been taking a new medication called Victoza.  It is a drug that stimulates insulin release in the body when blood sugar becomes high.  My doctor prescribed it with hopes that it might either aid the insulin I inject or that possibly my sad pancreas might produce a little bit of insulin.

The latter may or may not be the case, I am having blood work done on Friday to find out.  That is in addition to my HbA1C so I doubt I will get much sleep on Thursday with all of this weighing on my brain.

When my doctor prescribed it she told me a main side effect is nausea.  She was not lying, it got so bad that when I went to Arizona for the wedding I did not take it.  I did not want to spend my time being sick, so I just played it safe.  I am back on it again, I go to work and for the first part of the day I feel sick.  It is unpleasant.  I deal with it because I hope it works.

I would be lying if I told you that I do not consider ditching it.  I would rather not feel sick but if it works the reward is worth the yucky feeling inside.  Even though the drug is used with Type 2s my doctor is doing all she can to regulate my blood glucose.  I am of course doing all that I can as well.  I am a proud diabetic something that has not always been the case.  I grew to hate the disease, not that I love it now, but I am tolerating it and I am waging war.

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