Mood swings to a zombie apocalypse.

Sometimes the mood swings turn to figurative punches in the face.  I am fighting them, trying to get over the emotional muck that diabetes brings on but it is a war.  I need to just focus.  There a ton of things I want to accomplish and right now they are my priority.

I am tempted sometimes to go back to my unhealthy living.  Yes, I had sad days then but never as much as now.  It isn’t even that I am sad it is more of just an instance or something.  In the grand scheme of things I got it pretty good.

Yet, the temptation lingers.  It is not even just to get over the emotion just that sometimes I would love to smash a cake in my mouth or eat pretzel M&Ms seriously the Mars people are geniuses.  Then I remind myself how far I have come and how much longer I have to go and the feelings fade away.  Though I have heard the threats of a zombie apocalypse, if it happens I am eating a cake

In fact I am going to take refuge in my nearest grocery and just eat loads of candy and sweets.  By the time I am found I will be of no use to zombies.  Also are there any diabetic zombies?   Do they have to monitor and take insulin before they feast?  Maybe I just thought of a B-movie idea, a C-movie at the very least.

I decided after the beginning of this blog I needed to lighten it up a little.  The first part is very real and the second part is closer to being real than ever before.  If you even think of stealing my movie idea, just remember this blog has a time stamp.

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