Follies of diabetes, chapter 1

This is going to be the first of many stories describing my not so greatest diabetic moments.  Learn from my mistakes and laugh at them.  Laughing is the best medicine but it helps to laugh at yourself every once in awhile.  It is fun to make a fool of your disease and sometimes yourself.  It adds levity to a sometimes difficult situation.

This story takes place in a different era, the 90's,  I was a spry teenager, the future was bright and the world, my oyster.  School was out for the summer and I spent my days outside hanging with my buddies and worrying about what college I would go to for Jai Alai.  Only 50% of that is true, I did not have any buddies.

This one particular day I spent ALL day outside I was running around probably yelling and being a kid.  My dad called my cousins and I in for dinner.  It was not quite ready so I lay tired head on a bed and watched MTV.  I just thought I was exhausted from a full day of gallivanting.  Dinner was ready and I was called into the kitchen.  I managed to get there and grabbed my tray of food.

Then I passed out, but don't worry, I managed to not spill any food.  I had hypoglycemia because I was very active in the daytime also it is possible I skipped lunch.  I remember coming out of my catatonic state and my dad was feeding me syrup laced bread.  Not the greatest treat but that along with some juice did the trick.  I ate my spaghetti and lived to make a blog out of it.

It is important to remember that if you are an active diabetic to keep a  close eye on your diabetes.  Being active burns energy, energy which is made by the carbs you eat.  Being active and exercising are a great thing, just remember to be careful.  If you need me I w ill be playing Jai Alai with some dudes at the park.

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