Breaking the food speed record.

I am a fast eater, I always have been and despite my best efforts I cannot slow it down.  I have tried everything, I place my fork on my plate in between chews and try to focus on eating slowly.  It just does not happen.  I love food, even on my diet I have learned the importance of balance.  I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables something I hadn’t done before.

The reason I bring this up is that a preliminary study done in Lithuania is trying to prove that fast eating may cause type 2 diabetes.  Even the article admits that it is too early to speak of definitive proof, but I suppose it is a possibility.  I became diabetic at 13 and I do not remember if I was a speedy eater.  I do remember my cousin and me polishing off a whole large pizza on our own.  Take that Adam Richman.

Texture is important not just in taste but in the speed of my eating.  If a food is rather tender and does not require much chewing I practically inhale it.  On the other hand if a food requires work to digest it takes a bit longer to finish.  Looking at the numbers much more studies should be completed before this becomes a case in point.

If I am eating around other people I try to make a conscious effort to not eat quickly.  In my younger days my friends would laugh because my plate would be clean and I would sit there waiting on everyone to finish.  Practice makes perfect, and I need to try harder.  Going to my first vegan restaurant tonight maybe I will begin there.

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