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So a couple weeks ago I posted that my HbA1C test was supposed to be today.  Well, it wasn’t.  I have a reason though, I saw my new endocrinologist yesterday and they did it there.  I have my result.  I am holding onto it to keep you reading.  That, in the business, is what they call a tease.

Anyway, A look into my mind after I found out the test was being taken a day before I had time to mentally prepare.

I was nervous, I know that I have been doing well with my diabetes.  I test at least 7 times a day and my diet has never been stricter.  I have been doing research, and talking to other diabetics.  There was still that lingering thought though “what if?”  What if the results are different than what I am expecting?  Maybe the app on my phone is wrong.  What if I fail?  What if Tom Thibodeau sat Derrick Rose at the end of game one?

Okay the last one hadn’t crossed my mind and sorry to Bulls fans for rubbing salt in the still open wound.  I prayed.  I dug my head into my knuckles and asked God to let the results be okay.  I sat trying to be patient.  I thought of the last three months of control and how much I have dedicated myself to this disease.  It was a long time coming.

The doctor came in.  I rose up in my seat.  It was like hearing the verdict being read after a long media covered court case.  I had my result, 8.3%.  I felt elated, I held back tears of joy.  Maybe an overreaction but the last three months culminated in this moment.  I accomplished my first of many goals.  I lowered my score from 13.6%.  I was proud of myself.

8.3 is still a couple of points from where I need to be. But in three months to lower it by 5% is pretty rad.  It only reinforced that I am doing my best and that I can do better.  For now though I will enjoy this.  I am adding my score to this page with my bio.  I will tell you where I started and where I am now and I will update it whenever I get my new score.

This blog has done a lot for me in terms of catharsis and helped me reach my first goal.  As always I hope it helps you and we can celebrate our victories together.   This fight is long but I have endurance, I am not going down until I have thrown the last punch.

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