Why are kids being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?

As if being a teenager is not hard enough.  Now more kids are developing type 2 diabetes.  For a long time type 1 diabetes was the type most kids developed, hence its other name, juvenile diabetes.

I was picked on as a kid not for being overweight, I was a bean pole, but because I was and still am a nerd.  Imagine now being an overweight kid.  Some of them are picked on and made fun of.  Now add to that a disease that requires constant treatment.  A treatment, as the article reads, which is not as responsive.  I cannot imagine how difficult it is as a parent to watch your child deal with this.

I remember the day I was diagnosed.  It was not fantastic news but I also did not understand the full realm of what it meant.  It changed my life, as well as those around me.

One day when I become a professional diabetic I hope I can become a mentor to kids.  I want to show them that this life is not all that bad.  Say to them what many tried to beat into my stubborn head.  The alternative is not truly living.  It is surviving.  I have received a lot of kudos for what I have written so far.  I appreciate it but I also feel like I do not deserve it.  I spent so long living the “good” life.

I want to earn the respect by helping kids.  At some point that will happen.  For now if you know a kid who is diabetic show them this post.  Let them know there is hope and that they can have an enriched life.  Don’t let them fail like I did.

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