What can I do better?

I have done so much on the road to getting healthy.  I sometimes wonder, what more can I be doing?  Right out of the hospital I already started my new diet.  I miss eating a lot of food sometimes but it is not that terrible.  I am monitoring my blood sugars at least 7 times a day and I am constantly looking up tips and new research.

One thing I can definitely do is quit smoking.  If you do not smoke, you don’t know how hard it is to quit.  I wish I could talk to the younger me and smack the cigarette out of his hands.  If I am able to jump into this new diet so easily then I should be able to quit.  I do not even like it, and I hate the drain it is on my bank account.  I need to let my brain remember that we survived before we started smoking.

Another thing I can start doing is exercising.  I used my broken foot as a reason to not do it.  Okay, also throw in that exercising seems boring to me.   The least I can do is go for a walk.  I want to join a gym eventually but it is a process.  I am out of shape and I hate it.  Perhaps this is what will help me quit smoking.  I can take my stress out on my body.

I am also working on living one moment at a time.  We all have stress, money, love, or our jobs that sometimes we forget to stop and think of all the good that is happening around us.  There are so many things I am thankful for and so many people in my life that I love.  I live for these wonderful moments and I appreciate the life I have been given.  I fall down but I always manage to pull myself up or have someone there willing to help me up.

It is good set goals in your life.  You are never done, there is always something more.  These are just small steps to take in the beginning.

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