Something like a dawn phenomenon

It never fails I go to bed pretty much every night with a good blood glucose level.  Then it happens, I wake up to a high blood sugar level.  I have searched for answers and came across something known as the “dawn phenomenon”.  I sometimes think that I might be sleep eating it is like sleep walking but also including a meal in my nightly jaunts during slumber.

I have started to research the cause of this.  It is most likely due to a hormone change, your body preparing for the morning wake up.  Your liver releases a boost of glucose to prepare.  Great I know the cause but I need to know the fix.  It has been suggested that I reduce my carbs at night but man I need the carbs to stave off possible hunger.  What do I do?  I suppose I can just suck it up and have a more carb conscious snack at night.

I usually stick to almonds or popcorn, I have found that the popcorn helps.  Maybe eating fewer almonds will help as well.  I asked questions of my fellow diabetics and I was told that I should wake in the middle of the night and check my blood glucose level.  This seems like a daunting endeavor given that I already have to wake at 4:45a.m. for work and cannot sleep before 11 at night.

I am going to try a few different things first and of course I will call my doctor.  It just seems backwards that all I am doing is sleeping and my blood glucose is raised.  Maybe I can devise a way to get exercise while I am sleeping as a way to control my morning levels.  I could also develop a Pee Wee Hermanesque Rube Goldberg machine that safely takes my test for me while I sleep, patent pending.

All in all I know is that I will figure this out.  Diabetes is nothing if not a constantly changing disease that has new surprises every day.  It is just new hurdle for me to jump.

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