Remembering Dick Clark

Dick Clark passed away on Wednesday, he was the definition of TV icon.  He also had type 2 diabetes.  A harsh reality about diabetes is that it increases your risk of stroke and heart disease among other things.  Mr. Clark had a stroke in 2004 and his cause of death was a heart attack.  No one lives forever but Dick made people believe that he might.  He never aged and always seemed cool.

I remember watching “American Bandstand” as a child, I am a music geek and this was like watching music history happen.  I always hoped that he could bring it back.  Pop music is the only genre that does not lose and audience.  I am not a pop music fan but it was just fun seeing his excitement for the artists he brought on his show.

I also remember watching “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” my cousins and I would gather around the television and watch as New York would celebrate January 1st an hour into the future.  Part of me believes that is how the time difference works, I want to call and get tips for games so I can make sure bets.

I was also a fan of “Bloopers and Practical Jokes” as a child.  I always found it as an interesting look at the mistakes you do not get to see on TV shows and even the jokes played on celebrities were great.  This was co-hosted by another TV legend the late Ed McMahon.  The two had such chemistry it radiated and made the show even more fun to watch.

As an entertainer I looked up to Dick Clark.  He could make a PBS pledge break seem interesting.  I used to work for PBS and you should donate but sometimes the pledge breaks are like watching paint dry.  He is one of the lucky folks that have lived a full life and accomplished many great things.  Mr. Clark had charisma and loved what he did.  We should all be so lucky to be able to say that.  I plan on it, I am going to make the most of my days here so one day when a book is written it will be 8,000 pages.

Rest in peace Dick Clark.

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