Promises I plan to keep

I have always been good at keeping promises.  If I tell I am going to do something I will do it.  Most would consider me to be reliable.  Since I have decided to take my health serious, a lot of friends have told me how relieved they are that I am on this road.  It makes me feel like I have been selfish all of these years.

I talked to a friend a couple of days ago who had no idea that I was not caring for myself.  It drew a number of responses in all capital letters, for those who are not savvy all caps means they are yelling at you via the interwebs.  Yelling is not new to me, neither is disappointment, There are too many years to make up for, and too much to apologize for.  Staying healthy is what I hope will make up for it.  I can see that my friends and family are proud of the steps I have taken.

For the first time forever I am not shy about talking about my diabetes.  I underestimated this disease, the fact is that I had an easier time dealing with cancer.  I know that sounds crazy but it is true.  When I had cancer everything was taken care of for me.  With diabetes I have to take care of everything myself, yes I consult my doctors but they do not test me 7 times a day nor do they make my meals.

I am not having as hard of a time as I thought I would adjusting to my diet.  It is great to give up fast food I do not even crave it.  I am enjoying trying out new recipes, some failures but eventual successes.  I am going to start going for walks, I need to find a peaceful and serene place, and get lost in my iPod.  I am going to Arizona this weekend and I hope I will have time to play my ukulele.  I am finding my peace with the world and learning to love every second.

I am living a step at a time and making positive changes.  Sometimes it just feels good to write and get it out there.  I am glad that you are along for the ride and I hope that this blog is helping you or those you love.  This is my life I am sharing it with you these words have more than just meaning they are truth it is self-discovery and it is my penance for my life of excess.

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