Open letter to restaurants

Dear places I patronize when I am too lazy to cook, can I ask of you this one thing?  Have a nutrition guide available to your customers so I do not have to go to your website on my smart phone.  I do not think I am asking too much of you.  It is lame that I cannot be a part of conversations with friends because I am studying the nutritional data on my phone.

I feel kind of bad because I was kind of a jerk to the waiter about it.  I did not mean to be, I was just frustrated.  Especially because they have information about available to those with allergies, which is great but why not diabetics or people who are on diets?  My friends have worked in the business of slinging food into people’s faces and they said it is because restaurants are guarded about what ingredients are in the food.

I get that, but the information is available online.  Yes, I have an app on my phone that helps me look the nutritional information but why should I have to do that?  Every restaurant should have at least one nutrition guide available.  I doubt they get that many requests that they would need more than that.  Laminate it, list only the nutrition facts.  I do not really care how you make the blackened chicken I just want to know if I can eat it.

Also, it is a crime that certain salads are over 30 carbs.  Are you deep frying the lettuce or using Crisco as dressing?  I digress so back to my point.  Every time I go to a restaurant and they tell me to look the information up on the website, they might as well tell me not to go there again.  I am going to be proactive about this and start writing to restaurants imploring them to consider this idea.  It is important now more than ever with so many people becoming health conscious.

It is a simple small request that would mean a lot to many.  It will also save me from taking my frustration out on waiters and waitresses and lessen my chances of eating food that has been tampered with.


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  • If you are that limited in what you can eat cook at home.
    I watch what I eat very closely and when I'm trying to lose weight, I avoid eating out. But when I want to go out to Mastros and order a steak and the butter cake I want to enjoy and not see that that meal is 2,000+ calories and there are 6 sticks of butter in the cake. It ruins the dining experience.
    I know sometimes eating out is unavoidable and if your diet is that strict due to whatever reason, call the restaurant ahead of time and ask your questions/plan your meal. Nothing is more irritating then a person making a scene while ordering and rattling on and on about their dietary restrictions.

  • i did not know he could hear me, i thought i was quietly venting, i did apologize though. I am still learning how to deal with diabetes, thank you for reading

  • I think the food aversions (allergy or otherwise) are a real challenge for both consumers and restaurants. A lot of restaurants differentiate themselves on their ability to cater to a variety of audiences - diabetics, lactose or gluten intolerant. I think the challenge for many is finding a simple way of communicating details about their dishes, particularly if they change with some frequency.

  • i suppose i was being a little petty. I know i am safe with fish and veggies it just seems like an easier option. I know some restaurants have nutrition guides. i know it is a slippery slope but there has to be a way. i appreciate your thoughts. i do not think i am right or wrong, i just am looking for middle ground.

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