Fun on Friday-Diabetic t-shirt ideas

I am trying to keep my Friday posts fun.  In the spirit of that this post will be my attempt at being clever.  Right now t-shirts with funny sayings and graphics are all the rage.  Right?  What do I know I am not a fashion expert.  So for the sake of this article we will run with that.  I have decided to make diabetes work for me so here are my ideas for t-shirts.

“My other car is an ambulance”

“Diabetes, it is in my jeans”

“I went to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and all I got was this stupid diabetes”

“When it comes to types I’m #1”

“Diabeat it”

“At the bar all shots (of insulin) are on me”

“My doctor’s number is ___-___-____”

“ADA: All Diabetic Awesomeness”

“Diabetes has no effect on my sweetness.”

I am reading over some of these and I am thinking there are some really great ideas.  When I get a little more money maybe I will print some of these and sell them for diabetic research.  Of course there are many more ideas I have but I cannot give them ALL away.  I hope this post brought a smile to your face.  It is sometimes difficult to smile when you have a disease.  I am a true believer in laugh therapy and the difference a smile can make.  We could all use more smiles once in a while.

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