Flying with diabetes

Living in a post 9-11 world one thing that I always get nervous about is flying with diabetes.  I mean I have to carry numerous syringes, lancets, and other diabetic supplies.  What happens if they get suspicious of my cargo?  I might miss my flight having to explain that I love my country and I am too much of a wuss to hurt anyone.  Also, I do not really believe in anything enough to die for it.

This situation came about 10 years ago, I was flying to Texas for spring break.  I was going through airport security and had my insulin and syringe in my pocket.  I know it is supposed to be kept in a cool place but I wanted to have it on me in case I needed it midflight.  Anyway, after emptying my pockets into the community tub it went through the X-ray machine.  I, of course, was pulled to the side and questioned about my insulin and the syringe.  I did not bring the prescription with me because I did not think about it.

I was told that I would not be able to board without a note from my doctor.  Egads!  Yep I totally said that and a few choice expletives.  Not to the TSA of course, just in my mind.  I was worried because going to the doctor would mean missing my flight.  Missing my flight would mean that I would miss out on part of the spring break awesomeness.

Then, in a moment of clarity I remembered my American Diabetes Association membership card in my wallet.  We use this card to get low prices on lettuce at farmer’s markets and for our secret club that meets in the basement of underneath the Museum of Science and Industry.  Okay neither is true but I had you thinking for a second.  Anyway my card was expired but once a diabetic always a diabetic.  I presented my card to the TSA and they allowed me to board the plane.

This was the first time this trip that diabetes was involved but this time it helped.  On the way home our flight was cancelled, we were told that we would have to find another flight out.  My friends and I were not stoked about this so I mentioned I was diabetic and I was low on cash and low on insulin and that I needed to get home right away.  Next thing you know we were put up in a nice hotel with shuttle service and on the first flight out the next day.  I had plenty of insulin but hey sometimes this disease works out in our favor.

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