Finding out I was diabetic

This story is kind of embarrassing but I think it could be interesting as well.  Every diabetic has a story about how or when they found out they were diabetic.  I am taking this time to share with you my story.  This is the story of a precocious 13 year old boy who was about to graduate grammar school and become a high school punk.   Okay maybe not a punk, but you know, a teenager.

It was 8th grade and I was a quiet kid.  I rarely spoke up, but in April-ish of 1992 I was asking the teachers to go to the washroom a lot.  I never liked being disruptive but when you have to go you HAVE to go.  It became so frequent my teacher told me no and was insistent that I stay in class.  She was not doing it to be mean but because I was being an interruption.  Finally she relented and let me go.  Here comes the embarrassing part, it was too late, I didn’t make it so to speak.  I wet my pants.  Believe me, it is not cool as Billy Madison would have you believe and I am no Miles Davis.

So there I was taking a different kind of walk of shame, peaking only head into class to alert my teacher.  I went to the nurse’s office and waited for my parents to get me.  The teacher called a meeting with my parents and told them I should go see a doctor.  We did and it was determined I should be tested for diabetes.  Judging by the fact I am writing this blog you know the results.

I was admitted to LaRabida Children’s Hospital, the first thing of course was to take my vitals.  I arrived and passed out, apparently my first bout with low blood sugar.  I was put in a room with another diabetic kid.  I do not remember his name, but he was very nice to me and made the experience better.  He hung out with me, we made cartoons on the computer and we talked about diabetes.  I am sure he does not remember me, but he was a huge help.

I remember being told that my life would be forever changed.  I would have to bring snacks to school and eat and drink during class.  At first I thought it was cool but it wore off and felt awkward so I was excused to the hallway.  The kids all thought I was cool and watched me shoot the insulin.  I was not popular so when I had the spotlight I ate up every single moment of it.  It was moment like this that I forgot how much my life would change and just enjoyed my newfound fame.

I cringe even now admitting to wetting myself but I thought it was an interesting story.  It is not the first time I have told it and I think it helps to hear other stories.  I am sharing mine with you because support is something that I will talk about a lot and this is for support.  We all have stories diabetic or not this is my story of becoming diabetic.  It is just the beginning of the story and the end is far from written.

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