Diabetic alert dogs

Dogs, they aren’t just your best friend but now they can be trained to detect blood sugar levels in diabetics.  It seems unbelievable but dogs can sniff out changes in blood glucose levels and notify their owners.  I am a dog lover, I used to have a pug she was the light of my day and helped me through rough times. However, as far as I know, she never alerted me to much, only if she was hungry or sleepy.

I would like to road test one of these dogs, I say road test because from what I can see they are mighty expensive.  One site is asking for $50,000 just to initially purchase the dog.  It is also expensive to maintain and care for because they require a special diet and trips to the vet.

According to an article on The Daily Courier these dogs can detect low blood sugar 20-30 minutes ahead of the machine.  Just adding to how amazing dogs are.  Not to mention how helpful it is to have a constant companion who is not only there to love you but also to help save your life.  The dog in the article is able to notify his owner of lows and highs, notify the mother if the child is asleep and unresponsive and can even open the fridge to get a juice box.

If you have ever had a hypoglycemic attack you know how hard it is to do the simplest of tasks.  There have been times when I have awoken in the middle of the night and I was confused, disoriented or simply just too weak to get out of bed.  Fortunately, when your life depends on it you muster the energy to get a quick sugar fix.  there are definite benefits to having a diabetes sniffing dog but the cost makes it a pipe dream for some.  Hopefully in the future it will become more cost effective.


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  • As you put it that time you portrayed the little kid with the glasses in Jerry Maguire, "bees and dogs can smell fear".

  • Did you know the human head weighs eight pounds?

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