Cutting ties with my endocrinologist

Yesterday I had a visit with my primary care physician.  I am big fan of her, I never go with trepidation and she makes me feel comfortable.  She takes the time to address my concerns and I actually believe that she wants to help me.  I cannot say the same for my endocrinologist.  I feel the exact opposite, in fact, in the last three months I have only seen her once.

She told me at that visit that she has her patients send their logs in once a month and then adjusts their insulin as needed.  Then she scheduled my next appointment for June.  A lot of this struck me as odd especially since I am a new patient.  I accepted it but then I found that she is not the easiest person to get ahold of.  There have been times when I had to call her three times before I got a call back.  I know I am not her only patient but in this time of adjustment I believe I need better care.

I asked my doctor to refer me to another endocrinologist.  I am going to call her today and schedule what I hope will be the first of many and consistent visits.  I am a bit nervous because I do not remember having a good experience with an endo in my life of diabetes.  It would be easy to blame my lack of care on that but it also would be dishonest.

So here I go again with new endocrinologist with hopes that she is a little more hands on and dependable.  Diabetes is not a quick fix and even though I am taking much better care, I am not perfect yet.  I look forward to the day that being diabetic becomes second nature and I stop obsessing over my meals and impatiently waiting for the few seconds it takes for my monitor to give my blood glucose level.  I am cautiously optimistic, my primary doctor said this endo is very good.  I like my doctor and I trust her word so I am looking forward to meeting the new doctor and hope she helps me hit the ground running,

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  • I can definitely relate. When I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes the first time around, my endocrinologist was awful. He made me cry and he was really difficult to work around. He stressed me out and chastised me when I gained any weight. I felt that he added to my stress level and I gained 75lbs with that pregnancy. When I was pregnant again and diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I requested a new endocrinologist who was really wonderful to work with. The customer service that I received with the new one definitely reflected in my progress where I only gained 34lbs with my second pregnancy.

  • In reply to lady:

    I am glad to hear you found a doctor that works for you. I am hopeful for the same. I just feel like my current endo is out of touch and is affecting my health. If I am to be serious about this I need a doctor that I can count on and trust. Thank you very much for reading!

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