April is Defeat Diabetes Month

The Defeat Diabetes Foundation has deemed April “Defeat Diabetes Month”.  The purpose is to take a step every day of the month towards healthier living.  Admittedly, I am a couple of days late but there is no reason you can’t double up and play catch up.  The point is doing the simple things in life to become active and eating better.

Honestly, one thing that I can focus better on is getting exercise.  I’ve had a broken foot since December and I have been using that as an excuse not to do some sort of physical activity.  It has been shown that exercise is a good way to control blood glucose levels.  My foot is still healing but I no longer have to wear a walking boot so I am going to start walking.  I rather enjoy walking, it helps clear my head.  Plus it is a simple activity and it does burn off calories.

There are many activities listed on the website such as “Take the Stairs Tuesday” and “Try a New Fruit Monday”.  As a society we have grown use to the comforts of taking the elevator or escalator when the stairs have always been there offering us a free exercise every day.  I really like the idea of trying a new fruit every week.  I am a huge fan of fruits but there are so many I have yet to try.  There is also a day for trying new vegetables which I also enjoy.

I am going to try and give tomatoes another chance as well.  My taste for tomatoes is strange, I do not like tomatoes but I like it in soup, juice and condiment form.  Perhaps I am wrong about them or maybe I spoiled myself in my past life.  A lot of my friends are shocked when I tell them that I am not a tomato fan so maybe they are right.  I will find out.

All in all this is a fun and easy way to start a new path.  We can all stand to get up and turn the TV off once in a while, especially since we will go to any lengths in search of a lost remote.  I am making this promise to start more physical activity get in shape.  Yes, I am still smoking but eventually I will quit but I am taking it one step and day at a time.

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