A very diabetic Easter

Easter is a day about religion, family, food, hard boiled eggs, and sweet delicious candy, even candy in the shape of hard boiled eggs.  Being diabetic and a child at this time seems like a cruel joke.  Yes I was getting beyond the whole Easter basket and candy thing at around the age I was diagnosed, but it still lingered.  That Easter bunny still made the rounds to my house.  Hiding eggs, which were one of the few things I could eat without worry.

My mom, even up until recently, would give me sugar free candy.  Look carefully at the labels not only are there carbs but some sugar free goods have a laxative effect.  There is an idea for a prank against someone you hate.  Anyway, now that I realize the sugar free does not mean carb free I am sort of at a loss.  I recently discovered that sugar free Peeps are a thing.  I love Peeps like more than any normal person should.  Now they are only fun to throw in the microwave.

Yes I know us diabetics can eat anything as long as we make room for it in our diet plan, but I am still not comfortable enough with it to attempt it.  I will be at work on Easter, and I am going to make some food for everyone.  I might just bring a brick of tofu and throw some splenda on it and pretend is it is a diabetic Peep.  While I am talking about food I miss, am I the only person who likes Cadbury Eggs?  It seems like every time I talk about them most people make bitter beer face in disgust.

Anyway, I should get to the point of the article.  I will spend my Easter probably with family at some point in the day, I will have the usual fare for dinner.  Then for dessert I will chew on the plastic grass from the basket that once held candy.  I am fairly certain plastic is low in carbs.  I will also take time to thank God for his gift of life.  Be thankful for the support I have from friends and family.  I will also eat so many hard boiled eggs my tongue will be a rainbow of colors from the dye.  Happy Easter!

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  • The plastic grass is probably made of all sorts of toxic chemicals. Well, maybe not, if they haven't put a warning label on it to keep it away from babies.

    Unless you shape the tofu as a peep and add a lot of flavorings in addition to the Splenda, it isn't going to be any good. Maybe you can get recipes from Ming on adding Korean chili flake.

    On the other hand, from my understanding from America's Test Kitchen that it takes yeast and kneading to develop gluten, maybe Passover is gluten free. Again, like the grass, maybe not.

  • you have given me ideas for future blogs, thank you for reading

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