According to an article on Yahoo the American Diabetes Association has teamed up with Inspirato, a club that offers luxury vacations to its members.  In this new venture you can earn special rewards based on the amount you donate.   For instance, if you donate $2,000 you will have a onetime access to an Inspirato luxury vacation sometimes priced up to 50% under market value without having to join their club.

Also, for every new membership they receive Inspirato will donate $2,000 to the ADA.  I should mention that a membership costs $15,000.  I am not suggesting you should join this club.  Times are tough all around and I know I cannot afford to drop that much on a luxury vacation.

The fight against this disease is pricey, billions are spent every year on research and on healthcare.  I always have hope this disease will be cured in my life time.  I want to be a part of that.  I am trying to think of my own fundraising ideas.  Maybe I can use my comedy as a weapon of power and have a comedy show to benefit diabetes research.  I plan on donating money when I can.  Unfortunately, most of my paycheck goes into my gas tank.

I do not think awareness is the issue, I think it has more to do with the fact that are so many deserving charities out there.  It is difficult to make a decision on which should benefit.  I also think I will walk for diabetes and even marathon when I quit smoking and run more.  I am even willing to be a guinea pig and sign up for trials.

I do think this partnership is a good step in the right direction.  I hope it raises money for research and for care to those who cannot afford it.  We are all affected by this disease somehow.  I am sure we all know a person afflicted with this disease.  I believe in the numbers game and if we can give even just a little we can beat this disease and finally work on curing the common cold.

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