20 years of diabetes, let's have a party

Around this time 20 years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes.  I do not know the proper celebration, cake is out of the question as is a piñata filled with candy.  So I decided to come up with fun party ideas for diabetics.

  • “Pin the syringe on the belly.”  The belly is the easiest and most convenient place to inject.
  • “A piñata filled with lettuce.”  No carbs in lettuce so we have a lettuce party
  • “Bobbing for apples.” Okay not much different but we need a healthy serving of fruit
  • A visit from “Aspar Tammy” the diabetic clown.  A play on aspartame if it was not clear.
  • “Lancet darts” with a hand shaped target.
  • “Eye Spy” an optometrist comes over and gives all diabetics a free eye exam
  • Instead of cake, we all get to smell a vanilla candle.
  • “Diabetic Karaoke” see my mix tape article for song suggestions.
  • “Saccharine Races” okay I do not have any idea what this is besides clever word play.
  • “Diet cola keg stands”

Yes, I am being facetious, but I am trying to find a sense of humor with this disease.  Diabetes has a way of cutting people down, I have had my fair share of knock downs.  The one thing that makes it worth it is pulling yourself back up and dusting yourself off.  I know I have lived the life of a bad diabetic but for the last couple of months I have been better.

I have made my mistakes in the past.  I am not living to make up for the last 20 years but for the next 20 and beyond.  I love how far I have come with this journey, I am no longer blind to how serious this disease is.  I am moving forward and I have never been more excited about my health.

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