What's for Deener?

No I did not make a spelling error, I am trying to be crafty with word play.  Anyway this post is about Paula Deen who recently revealed that she has diabetes.  Wait for it…um, shocker, if it is not clear, I am being sarcastic.  There needs to be a sarcasm font.  Anyway, back to my original point.   Deen had received a lot of backlash after the news.  She is known for her southern style of cooking which involves loads of butter and fried foods.  A credit to Deen for acknowledging that she needs to make changes not only to her diet but also conceding that he might have adjust the recipes she presents on her show or in her cookbooks.

It remains to be seen whether or not she sticks to this but I feel she has a responsibility to her fans to be a little more conscious.  She says that she has adjusted her portions when she eats but still indulges in fried food while admitting there is a time and place for it and as long as it is in moderation.  Being a diabetic we are always on the hunt for recipes that are favorable to our diet.  She could be a part of that, making good food that diabetics can enjoy.  As a part of this blog I will be trying different recipes and giving my own reviews of them.  I will be fair in my assessment.  That being said Paula Deen is facing an important time, not only in her career but her life.  Most of us will have to make the decision to live healthier at some point.  I have done that myself.  It is time for her to put some of the butter back in the fridge and give me a recipe for cauliflower pizza.   I am oddly intrigued by the idea of it and I am going to try it out soon.  Stay tuned…

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