The diabetic mix tape

I spend a large part of my day listening to music.  It made me think that I should make a mix tape for us diabetics.  I should explain to the young ones that a  mix tape is something we made before there was the iPod.   We spent many an hour perfecting every tape that sometimes had a theme.  In the days before illegal downloading we recorded our favorite songs from the radio.  Okay back to the focus of this article, here is my suggestions for a diabetic mix tape.


  1. If You Want Blood (You Got It)- AC/DC
  2. Sugar Sugar- The Archies
  3. All You Did Was Save My Life-Our Lady Peace
  4. Unskinny Bop-Poison (Brett Michaels is diabetic)
  5. My Favorite Vegetables- The Beach Boys
  6. You’re The Best- Joe Esposito (Yep, this gem from “The Karate Kid” exercise to it…)
  7. Pour Some Sugar On Me-Def Leppard (For when we are hypoglycemic, but down our mouths rather than on us)
  8. Walk This Way-Aerosmith (Walking is good exercise which can help control blood glucose levels)
  9. Sure Shot- Beastie Boys (Blatant syringe reference)
  10. Cinnamon Girl- Neil Young (Cinnamon is good for flavor and has little effect on blood glucose levels)
  11. Big Cheese- Nirvana (Cheese is a low or no carb way to satisfy hunger)
  12. Low Rising- The Swell Season (Because you want those low blood sugars to rise)

Okay I am going to call it there because I cannot think of much more.  Perhaps I will update the list and post new play lists in the future.  Feel free to add your own suggestions as well.  Yes, I got a bit cheeky with this article.  That was part of the point, you have to laugh at this disease and find the humor in it.  Laugh at it, not with it, it gives you the power.  Adopt the attitude that you are not suffering from diabetes but living with it.  It is that awful roommate, you would like to kick him out but you have been friends forever.

It is easy to let this disease get you down.  Life is more satisfying when you can be known for the smile you wear.  Live every single day and love every moment you can.  You are part of a large community, we all go through the same battles and in the end we celebrate with those we love.

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