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Diabetes: Support system

Finding out you are diabetic can be quite the shock no matter what age you are.  Friends, family and significant others do their best to be there for you, because they are supposed to.  The odd thing is that to truly know what it is like to be diabetic it is talk to other diabetics. ... Read more »

Rock me Diabeetus

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A little Saturday fun.  Wilford Brimley and Falco.

Diabetes: St. Patrick's Day fun for non-drinking diabetics

As diabetics we are supposed to watch our consumption of alcohol.  Of course this is difficult on St. Patrick’s Day, I mean there is little else to do, right?  So how can we diabetics have fun without putting ourselves in danger?   My suggestion is to be a designated driver there is no better satisfaction than... Read more »

Diabetes: The bright side

When you deal with diabetes the struggle is every day, it is easy to lose sight of the positives of having the disease.  This post explores those positives as a way to deal with the difficult time. Some of us have to legally use syringes. When our blood glucose is low we can use sweets... Read more »

Diabetes: Smoking gun

I might have to quit smoking.  I mean there are the typical reasons, it is bad for everyone.  According to an article on smoking has been shown not only raise blood sugar level but also HbA1c levels.  I never really considered the effects that smoking had on diabetes.  I have made attempts to quit... Read more »

Diabetes: Sometimes losing is the only way to win

I made one promise to myself when I began this blog, which was to be honest, so painfully honest that I might regret it one day.  The following story is a story of love.  Love that was victim of my dishonesty, love that I hope to regain someday.  Over 9 months ago I went to... Read more »

Diabetes: When is better to be diagnosed?

I am struggling to answer this question.  Is it better to be diagnosed with diabetes as a child or as an adult?  Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Obviously, as a child you have the benefit of being on your parents health insurance plan.  Also, they are taking care of you, they measure your portions,... Read more »

Diabetes: The debate about over the counter drugs.

According to an article on the FDA is considering making some drugs used to treat diabetes and high cholesterol available over the counter.  I have been battling back and forth in my head about whether or not this is a good idea.  On the one hand it will make it easier for folks without insurance... Read more »

Sh*t People Say to Diabetics

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Fun on a Saturday, I have heard most of these questions.  I know this trend is old but I thought this one was pretty funny.  Thanks to fellow Chicagonow blogger Jenna Myers Karvunidis for sending this to me.

Diabetes: Okay, so where is the rest of my dinner?

I suppose the most difficult thing about my life as a diabetic is the portion sizes.  I have never measured my food, I always ate to my heart’s content.  You never really realize just how small a cup of food is until you have to measure for portion size.  I am allowed 75 carbohydrates per... Read more »
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