Little victories

When you are committing to a healthier life whether you are quitting a bad habit, dieting or being a born again diabetic like myself, it is easy to focus on the negatives.  I find that with the bumps and bruises along the way you have to focus on the little victories along the way.  For me, I find the joy in the blood sugars that are in or close to a “healthy” range.  I can also find success in the interest that people have shown in this blog.  I can also think of not the victories that I can currently experience but also the victories I will experience.

I look forward to living a long and healthier life.  I have big dreams, I want to be a success in comedy, I want to learn how to cook and open a restaurant.  I want to write a book about becoming a serious diabetic after 20 years.  I want to get married and have children and watch them get old.  I want to share my life with a woman and grow old together and reminisce about our time together.  I want to have enough money to live comfortably and retire early enough to get mad at kids who step on my freshly cut grass.  These are the things that I am focused on.

Sometimes you forget the important things in life.  Maybe you place it on the top shelf in the attic of your brain where it gathers dust until one day you remember it and you blow the dust off of it and it is still as beautiful as the day you laid eyes on it for the first time.  Life comes with sacrifice, whether you intend the sacrifices or not.  In those moments you have to remind yourself that no matter how long you live it is but a speck in the timeline of earth.  It is cliché but it is for a reason, but you must live life to the fullest.  That is my plan, to fight, fight for everything I love and fight off all the things I detest.  I find support when I need but I am going to this battle with an arsenal.  Warren Zevon is the originator of one of my favorite quotes “enjoy every sandwich” basically to enjoy every last bite of life.  So my dear readers enjoy every sandwich of course if you are diabetic enjoy them with insulin and some carrot sticks.

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