Food: My friend, my enemy

When I was a “bad diabetic” I never looked at the nutritional data on the side of the food I bought.  It was never something I felt I had to worry about.  Of course that is also when I was apathetic about my own health.  If I am to fully commit to my health that means I have to pay attention to carbohydrates.  The only thing is that it seems that the foods I love contain too many carbs.  It gets frustrating, I want to enjoy eating but lately it has become something I do because I have to.

I am thinking of going to culinary school and my new reason for that is my dream of opening a restaurant that is diabetic friendly.  I think it would be great to have a place that lists the number of carbs and makes it easy to build a meal based on that.  I have enjoyed eating healthier.  I have always enjoyed vegetables and fruits, so adding more to my meals is fine.  I remember thinking that sugar free meant that I could eat it to my heart’s content.  That is simply not the case.  Of course less sugar is always better but it does not mean that it will not end up as sugar at some point.  I know that I am new to this world of carb counting and that eventually I will not worry about it much.

I was at target today and my items included almond milk, pickles, and beef jerky.  It does not sound palatable but these items are low in carbs.  In fact the pickles had zero and the beef jerky only had a couple.  This meant that I could eat them with little effect on me.  I am not a beef jerky fan but I suppose I will learn to like it so I can use it as a quick snack.  Maybe I can get a sponsorship deal from Slim Jim.  I can do for them what Jared did for subway.  Free Slim Jims for life.  Ah these are the things I dream for.

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  • Me, I'm think of calling the cops because i am POSITIVE my food is plotting to kill me.

  • i do not think it is plotting to kill me, but definitely betraying my diet. Thanks for reading

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