Eating crow

No, this is not a diabetic super food.  A couple of days ago I posted a blog that stated that Neil Young is diabetic.  I was made aware by comments on that blog that I was misinformed.  I was mistaken with that claim.  Blame my blind trust in the internet, blame my excitement to have a tie with Neil or blame the internet for lying to me.  It was not easy writing this blog, but I felt compelled to address the issue.

I could have lied and said it was an early April Fool’s Day joke, I could have also lied and told you that I was friends with a guy named Neil Young who is diabetic and plays in a Neil Young cover band but that would not be honest.  Yes, the theme of this blog is diabetes but honesty is also a theme.  I use my honesty to speak to all of you who are affected by this disease or just want to know more about it.

I thought I did enough research by looking at a number of sites that supported this claim but they are either in on the deception or they have been deceived as well.  I should be clear, I am a huge fan of Neil’s music and as a music fan I do not concern myself with their personal lives.  I am not a fan of gossip and tabloids so I enjoy the entertainment.

There are many celebrities who live with this disease and my hope is to be able to interview some of them so they can share their stories.  I have been told that my blog is too personal, that I am putting too much out there.  Perhaps that is true but it is with the intention of helping others and helping myself by writing out my thoughts.  This blog will always have a personal touch and will also be informational.  I am sorry that my blog contained bad information.  I have removed the blog and I promise to research better for future articles.

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