Diabetic with a sweet tooth

Go to any local grocery, and you may hear a crazed man screaming out “I just want something sweet!”  Follow the weeping and you will find me huddled over looking at sugar free candy.  The only thing is that it still has carbs.  Yes, I could eat it, but do I really want to substitute something substantial in my meal for a small piece of candy?  The answer is no.

I mean I get cravings for something sweet, but I try to focus on something else.  I try to pretend that sugar has an enzyme that makes like people Justin Beiber and “Twilight”.  If that is your bag that is cool, just not for me.  I just want candy or cakes sometimes.   I just would love for sugar free to also mean carb free and chock full of diabetic awesomeness.  I am so close to just eating Splenda straight from the packet just for a little fake sugar satisfaction.

I had a dream the other night.  I was at a table and there was a parade of sweets coming my way.  I can only surmise that the me that I dream of has a fully functional pancreas oh and can also play the ukulele.  I have no proof of the latter but if dream me can eat sweets and survive then surely he is an expert at basically everything.  So yeah the dream, there I was eating loads of cake and candy, never once needing insulin.  The alarm woke me to a cold reality, alive in oatmeal land.

I know I post a lot about food, but for diabetics this is sort of an issue.  Especially for a recovering bad diabetic like myself, I am not trying to tempt fate.  I mean once I get the taste of sweet, wonderful sugar I do not know if I can stop.  I want to believe that there is a serum somewhere stashed away for the stupid rich that cures diabetes.  It will be my motivation for becoming rich.  When I win the lottery and they ask the first thing I will do with money, my  answer will be I am going to buy this serum or stock up on functional pancreases or is it pancrei.  No it is pancreases, I know this because the little paper clip guy on word allowed it.

Okay enough of this, I could have it worse, besides I am on a mission.  Get rich and get new pancreas.

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  • Excellent Post. Sadly 4.6 million people lost their life to the illness last year see here http://spirithappy.org/wp/2011/09/14/diabetes-now-kills-4-6-million-every-year-diabetic-overweight-or-thin-the-illness-is-taking-lives/

  • My dear friend's son was diagnosed at age 11 with diabetes. At first, she mourned the loss of his childhood (as she knew it) but now things are steady and routine. He's 14. When were you diagnosed and how do you handle your condition? Any advice?

  • i was diagnosed when i was 13 unfortunately, i fell out of my routine. That is why i started this blog. Recently I have committed myself to getting healthy and controlling this disease. It sounds like your friend is doing everything right. I was a child of a broken home, so my mom had to work constantly to provide for us. I love her for it, but when left to my own devices I stopped monitoring it and I was only doing the bare minimum. I regret it but it is never too early to take care. One resource that has been helpful is the ADA website, I am linking to a section that your friend might find helpful. the link is http://community.diabetes.org/t5/The-Place-for-Parents/bd-p/The-Place-for-Parents. I recommend the whole site for help, it has helped me a ton. He seems to be on his way to a long and healthy life, support is key. It is not an easy life, but it is fulfilling. I hope I was helpful, feel free to e-mail me or comment her if you have questions for me. Thanks!

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