Diabetes: When is better to be diagnosed?

I am struggling to answer this question.  Is it better to be diagnosed with diabetes as a child or as an adult?  Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Obviously, as a child you have the benefit of being on your parents health insurance plan.  Also, they are taking care of you, they measure your portions, make sure you are testing your blood sugar level and will even inject your insulin with that horrible, scary syringe.  Unless you are my father who preferred not to because he had a thing about needles…  He meant well besides my mom would take care of that.  It might have been a sort of revenge for birthing me.  My parents did their best to care for me, but after their divorce I was a teenager who should have been taking care of himself while my mom worked 3 jobs to provide for us.  Side note, she will be retiring from the Chicago Police Department in April, the woman is a saint and I love her.  I digress, I suppose once it became my responsibility is when the lying began.  In my head I was free to make my own food decisions without the watching eyes.  This became time for me to throw a food party for myself.  I learned how to lie about this disease, it is something I am not proud of but I am working on undoing those lies.

However, as a child you can learn to live with the disease and if you stick to the regimen it should become second nature.  Plus, it was cool to be the only kid that was allowed to drink or eat in class.  I also enjoyed the attention I received from the other kids who wanted to watch me inject my insulin.  I wish I had kept up with my care as a child.

Because here is why being an adult diabetic stinks.

I am now taking the time to learn how to live a completely different lifestyle at the age of 33.  It is not easy, I suppose in the grand scheme of things it is not difficult either, but how do you change the life you are used to living?  I guess that is part of my motivation in writing this blog, it will keep me honest.  Now that I have vowed to become healthier and have written so on the internet it is now written in virtual stone.  Of course, I am kidding, well kind of.  My main motivation is my thirst for life and my want to become and old curmudgeon nostalgic for the good ole days.  Writing has been helpful to me, it has been cathartic.  Living as an adult with this disease is tedious but in the end it will be worth it.  I want to help others and learn from others in the process.

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