Diabetes: The debate about over the counter drugs.

According to an article on chicagotribune.com the FDA is considering making some drugs used to treat diabetes and high cholesterol available over the counter.  I have been battling back and forth in my head about whether or not this is a good idea.  On the one hand it will make it easier for folks without insurance to get drugs they need without a prescription.  On the other hand it will make it easier for folks without insurance to get the drugs they need without a prescription.  No I did not mistakenly write the same sentence twice.   There is a method to my self-plagiarism, if that is possible.

Without a prescription most likely means that you are not currently seeing a doctor or at least not seeing one as much as you should.  Believe me, I speak from experience, a main reason why I treated my own diabetes was because everything I needed I could get without a prescription.  I am living proof that this method does not work.  I am lucky I did not die from it.  I am not trying to be dramatic but a doctor is needed so they can monitor your disease closely and prescribe the correct dosage.  I understand that some of these drugs would require an initial prescription but there will be no control on refill amounts.  It will be another reason to avoid the doctor.

I may be coming off as a hypocrite, but i learned my lesson.  You cannot put a price on health and with free clinics, as tedious as it might be, there are ways to get treated without paying a lot for it.  In a future article I am going to research and post about prescription assistance programs.  I have admitted time and time again that I was naive.  I tricked myself into believing that i was doing enough for my health and that is simply not the case.  The FDA should use this opportunity to encourage people to go to free clinics or at the very least clinics that are available at pharmacies.  Do not just make these drugs available OTC.

The cholesterol drugs that will be made available are statins.  In an earlier post I posted a link regarding statins and their link to the potential of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  It seems that more research is needed before these drugs are made readily available on a whim.  I am all for affordable healthcare, even with my insurance i still pay a lot out of pocket for the materials I need to stay healthy.  I just do not think this promotes proper healthcare.


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