Diabetes: The bright side

When you deal with diabetes the struggle is every day, it is easy to lose sight of the positives of having the disease.  This post explores those positives as a way to deal with the difficult time.

  • Some of us have to legally use syringes.
  • When our blood glucose is low we can use sweets to raise it, not a lot of diseases can claim that.
  • We have something common with Jay Cutler.
  • Wilford Brimley is our spokesperson.
  • When you are a child you can eat in class.
  • Better pickup lines: “You are so sweet, I need an extra dose of insulin”.  Note: I cannot confirm if this works.
  • Daily finger pricks toughen you up.
  • No one would dare punch a diabetic.
  • We have our own Association.
  • Eggs are low in carbs, delicious, beautiful eggs…
  • Diabetics have true wit, trust me I am a comedian.
  • We have our own day, November 14th, it is never too soon to start shopping.  I really want a ukulele.
  • We are a touch more attractive than non-diabetics, need proof just check my avatar.

This is just a starter list to help you.  Of course some of these are meant to be funny because at the end of the day nothing makes you feel better than a good laugh.  Sometimes just smiling can do wonders for your mood, even if you do not feel like smiling, go for it.  I try to look on the bright side of everything, it is not always easy but we could all have it a lot worse.  If nothing else just listen to Wilford Brimley say “diabet-us” that is enough to make you smile.  Get out into the world and enjoy everything around you.  Learn to watch the world through new eyes and just feel lucky for every single breath.  Also, it is Friday, that is enough reason to be happy.  Enjoy the weekend and make a new friend.

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  • fb_avatar

    Well yeah, eggs are low in carbs but they're high in cholesterol -- at least egg yolks are.

    My doctor tells me that diabetics have to be even more careful of the bad cholesterol than do non-diabetics.

    So it's egg whites for me and yes, I do eat them for breakfast every day.

  • In reply to Mark Siegel:

    i eat them as much as possible because of the low carb count. i do not think i eat more than a normal person. thank you for reading

  • Great post, Patrick.

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