Diabetes: Support system

Finding out you are diabetic can be quite the shock no matter what age you are.  Friends, family and significant others do their best to be there for you, because they are supposed to.  The odd thing is that to truly know what it is like to be diabetic it is talk to other diabetics.  I am available via twitter and e-mail in my “about” section.  If you look around you I am sure you will find someone you know who is diabetic.  Unfortunately, it is that common, it does not even need 6 degrees of separation.

Another resource that I found to be helpful in my search for answers and support is the American Diabetes Association website.  I know it seems obvious but I was surprised at the amount of time I spent upon my first visit there and how much time I spend there every day.  There is information for whichever type of diabetes you might have.  They have tips for exercising, recipes and perhaps the place I spend the most time, the message boards.  They are chock full of information provided by everyday people.  I dare you to find a subject or concern there that is not covered.  It really is a helpful place, I guarantee if it has happened to you it has happened to someone there.

If you are shy like I am, yes it is possible to be shy on the interwebs, then you can lurk.  It does not hurt to participate though everyone there, at least in my experience, is warm and open.  They will gladly help you if they can.  I found out where to get a good deal on a new blood glucose meter there.  As did I also find info on good snack ideas.  It is easy to get lost and lose time there.  The good thing is that it is not a waste of time because you are doing what you can to better yourself.  I know it has helped a bad diabetic like I become a better diabetic.

I know this sounds like an advertisement and I promise you it is not, I just feel so much better with this resource.  I am going to search the web and find other places to find answers and support.  Of course your doctor is the best source but I do not think your doctor is available 24/7 unless you married your doctor.  Even then I doubt they want to talk shop.  So get out there and learn more about this disease even if you are a pro there is never too much information.

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  • Thanks for the info! I will definitely check out the site.

  • In reply to zippy:

    no problem, glad i could help. good luck!

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