Diabetes: St. Patrick's Day fun for non-drinking diabetics

As diabetics we are supposed to watch our consumption of alcohol.  Of course this is difficult on St. Patrick’s Day, I mean there is little else to do, right?  So how can we diabetics have fun without putting ourselves in danger?   My suggestion is to be a designated driver there is no better satisfaction than knowing you were the reason that your friends got home safely.  Besides it is so trendy to drink on this day.  Did you know they do not celebrate this holiday in Ireland?  If the mother land does not acknowledge it than why do we?

Another way to celebrate is to fill your tub with water and throw some green dye in it.  Have your own mini-Chicago River.  Throw a party at your place make it dry tell your friends it is because you shouldn’t drink.  Your friends should be understanding and willfully show up to support you.  Okay maybe that is asking too much…

Truth be told, diabetics can drink, but should try not to.  Beer has a lot of carbs in it as does most hard alcohol.  In my days of being a bad diabetic I was a whiskey drinker.  As an Irishman, it is engrained in my blood.  I am trying to stay away from alcohol all together which is not too difficult, I wasn’t never much of a drinker to begin with.  Just have fun with whatever you do this weekend.  Get drunk on the fun, enjoy the moments with those you are close too.  If all else fails enjoy not being hung over on Sunday and call all of you friends at 7am then hang up when they answer.  Oh the fun you can have when you are sober.  Of course if you decide to imbibe, keep an eye on your blood glucose and this goes for everyone, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.  I know we hear that all the time but there are still a lot of idiots that do it.

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