Diabetes: Smoking gun

I might have to quit smoking.  I mean there are the typical reasons, it is bad for everyone.  According to an article on ahealthblog.com smoking has been shown not only raise blood sugar level but also HbA1c levels.  I never really considered the effects that smoking had on diabetes.  I have made attempts to quit before but not with success.  I have never truly wanted to quit and that is necessary, you must be willing to quit.  However, like most smokers, I smoke for the usual reasons.  It quells my stress, it makes long drives bearable, and it helps me relax.  I need to start considering my reasons TO quit, better health, living longer and not getting cancer…again.  Yes even having cancer was not enough to make me quit.  I think it has already been established that I haven’t always been smart regarding my health.

Quitting smoking is daunting, I wish I never started.  If I am to fully commit to my new healthy ways then I have to.  It is not fair for me to say that I have committed to health and continue to put a smoke in my mouth.  I am going to have to look for alternate means and find out what has worked for others.  I have tried gums, pills, and cold turkey.  Alas I still end up smoking.  It is kind of funny because I probably spend 30 dollars a week on it, but any other time I need to spend $30 I really have to think about it.  Not with cigarettes though, nope, it is easy to lay the money down on the counter.

Most people find other crutches for relaxation when they quit.  Some start eating more and gain weight.  Luckily for me, with my diet that will not happen.  Seriously I dare you to gain weight on the meals I eat.  When I quit this time I am going to try and focus on the positives.  First and foremost I will not smell like Keith Richards.  My teeth will be whiter and my breath won’t smell like Keith Richards.  Maybe the most important is the money I will save.  I just did the math quickly, it is amazing how quick math is on a calculator, and per year I spend $1,497.6 on cigarettes.  I already know what I would do with the money as that is $3 dollars short of what I need for culinary school, which I currently do not have.  So what I will do is begin a savings account and deposit $30 in it every week.  I want to start school sooner than a year so maybe I can hold off on payment and in a year I will be able to write them a check.

It will not be easy and I cannot say it will happen today but I have to quit.  I need to stop fooling around with my health.  I am tired of hospitals and doctors.  I mean doctors are great but I would just like to go less.  It is just one more step to being healthy.  Since this blog is helping me with my diabetes I am going to have the editor if I can start a blog about quitting smoking.

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