Diabetes: Okay, so where is the rest of my dinner?

I suppose the most difficult thing about my life as a diabetic is the portion sizes.  I have never measured my food, I always ate to my heart’s content.  You never really realize just how small a cup of food is until you have to measure for portion size.  I am allowed 75 carbohydrates per meal, or what is known to diabetics as 5 carb choices.  Definitely much less than I was eating before.  The simple math is 15g of carbohydrates equals one carb choice.  I know I ate at least double that in my former life as a glutton.  A giant hurdle for me has been overcoming hunger.  I have been “snacking” on lettuce because it will not affect my blood sugar levels.  I just wonder how long until I am tired of leafy greens, what then?  I spend a lot of my time researching diabetes, I am trying to find more fulfilling options.

When it is time for bed I get excited because that means I will sleep off 6-7 hours of hunger and will be able to eat breakfast.  I am allowed a snack at night but only 15 grams of carbs, so I am living on 3 cups of popcorn and for a popcorn lover like myself 3 cups is but a tease.  Seriously how I am skinny remains a mystery to me.

With that in mind, never have I ever freaked out about my meals.  Now, with every meal I prepare I worry I might be overdoing it or underdoing it.  I obsess about it, I do the math in my head and I double check it.  Then there are the worries that I might lose even more weight.  I suppose all of this worrying is something I should have overcome years ago but, as a non-practicing diabetic, I never did.

I decided to meet up with an old friend for dinner, I was very careful about my choice of meal and played it safe.  I opted for the salmon with broccoli and black beans.  I did well considering the platter of nachos just begging for my attention and the fact that I love burgers.  Not that I cannot eat that stuff I am just not confident enough to stray from my safe diet.

I have been eating a lot more fish and chicken because those have little effect on my diabetes.  I already know I love salmon but I tried tilapia over the weekend and did not enjoy it much.  I suppose a lot of meal plans for diabetics are trial and error, the good thing is that I will try anything once.  I know one day it will become second nature and I won’t have to put much thought into it, in the meantime I will enjoy the food I am allowed and is considered safe.  Also I wish my dietician would return my calls.

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  • I think that health care reform is a great idea. I have type 1 diabetes and for me to get insurance, it was a nightmare until I found "Penny Health" search for them online and you can get affordable health insurance instantly.

  • In reply to PaulKFlowers:

    Thanks for reading, health insurance is through work.

  • Thank you, Pat O'Hara for your blog post here.If not for your frank forum, i probably woulnt focus on stuff i need to and deal with only whats exciting and stimulating: which is why we most are in this situation anyways.

    We live in America, why cant we take a damn pill and go on living life a 100miles an hour? This thinking about,carefully planning, and eating with the rabbits facedown in the garden brings about a dark rage like a 4 year old in toy aisle at Wal- Mart.

    Knowing that others share my pain lessens my disgust to a degree- it doesnt alleviate it- just calms my maniac child to a degree.

    So again, thanka youPatrick O'Hara and have a great St Paddys Day!

  • Thank you for reading. I suppose it is a penance I am paying for ignoring it for so long. I find the satisfaction in my daily successes and knowing that I adding longevity to my life. It is not always easy but I have never backed down from a challenge and really we could have it so much worse

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