Apps for better diabetes management.

We live in an era where most folks are tethered to a smartphone or a tablet of some sort.  I am one of those people.  It is not rare for me to have to charge my phone a couple of times a day.  Between playing games and updating social media on what I had for dinner it can take a lot out of your battery.  Here’s the thing, I have also been using my smartphone for good.   Not that “Draw Something” isn’t good I mean seriously I am not a very good phone artist.

There are apps available to us diabetics, no there is not a diabetic version of “Angry Birds” where you can shoot insulin to destroy sugar, but there are some handy apps that make management more convenient.  I am going to go over some of the apps I use and feel free to add your own in the comments.  Note: I have an android but I imagine these apps are available on all smartphones.


This is a multi-purpose log book on your phone.  With a couple of button pushes you are able to log your blood glucose levels for whatever test you are preparing for.  Not only that but the app also keeps track of your Hba1c, so you can see on average how well you are keeping up.  You are also able to keep track of the amount of insulin you are supposed to take throughout the day.

There is a feature that allows you to export the log data to e-mail so you can print the log and bring it to your doctor.  You can also keep a log of your meals throughout the day which is also helpful to your doctor or dietician if you see one.   My doctor recently asked me about my diet which was a difficult question because my meals change daily.  The app also has graphs so you can keep an eye on trends over months and years if need be.   I like this app it makes management easy and convenient.


This app is great for those who cook at home or those who have a lust for fast food.  First, this app can be helpful for finding food for home.  It has a large database of name brand foods and lists of the nutritional data.  So you do not have to waste half of your time at the grocery looking at the side of boxes and trying to figure out if there is really that big a difference between 22 grams of carbs or 25.

You can also utilize the add to plate feature to build a meal for yourself.  You simply look for the food you want to eat then press “add to plate” then you go to your plate and it will show you how many carbs, fats and calories in that meal.  Believe me as someone who obsesses over carbs this feature is a godsend.

You don’t feel like cooking? Then utilize the restaurant feature on the app, it will pull up a comprehensive list of restaurants from fast food to dine-in.  Then you simply search for which foods you would like to eat and see the nutritional data.  Be prepared to be floored by the amount of bad you will find.  Once you get past that you can add the items to your plate and it will automatically add the carbs, fat and caloric amounts for you.  You could do this from home and be ready to order as you are being seated.

My only wish is that this app had shopping list feature so it would make shopping faster.  I have an app for that called “Out of Milk”


Diabetic Cooking

This app is more or less self-explanatory.  It is an app for diabetics who, like myself, enjoy cooking.  Need a healthy recipe?  This app has a long list for you to peruse.  Of course you get ingredients and instructions but you also get dietary exchanges.  It would be nice if carbs are listed but you can figure out the carb amounts with the exchanges listed.

If you are looking to use the best ingredients based on your diet there is a section labeled “Subs” that provides a list of food found in recipes and the better choices that you can sub for the healthiest meal possible.  The “Blog” and “Advice” sections are also very helpful for more recipes and tips on healthier eating habits.

Yes this is a very short list, but I think a good start point.  I am still looking for apps every day and will update you if I find more or better apps for a healthy diabetic life.  On Android the above apps are free which makes every meal a little tastier.

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