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Yo Channing Tatum, this pap smear's for you

So the other day my blogging friend The Underachiever’s Guide to Being a Domestic Goddess and I were talking about vajayjays (uhhh, totally normal conversation, right?) and we decided that gynecologists (I shit you not, I had to spell this word like 9 times to get it right) need to change a few things around... Read more »

For the love of God, stop posting 9,000 pictures of your baby on facebook!

Once upon a time in my previous life, I had a boss who told me that he hates exclamation marks. And for years it’s been haunting me. Every time I push “shift 1,” I feel like I’m doing something wrong. But lately I’ve found myself using them all over the place. Exclamation marks, emoticons, words... Read more »

Oy Vajayjay

I remember the hospital tour like it was yesterday. Six other pregnant women and I shuffled through the maternity ward with our petrified husbands, trying not to think about the fact that within three short months we’d each be lying on a bed just like this one with our ungroomed vajayjays hanging out for all... Read more »