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Happy Last Minute Shopping Day! So many stores, so little time

In honor of the last day of shopping before that fat guy takes credit for all the shit you came up with and worked so hard to pay for and then spent like a million hours wrapping because they all came in abnormally shaped boxes that suck. Wait, I don’t think that was a complete... Read more »

Mommy Cliques—it’s junior high all over again times like a billion

Mommy Cliques—it’s junior high all over again times like a billion
Here’s the thing. My daughter is taking this theater class that she absolutely loves. She sings, she dances, she mimes (with the understanding that if she ever does that at home I’ll beat the crap out of her), she cavorts, whatever that is. But while she’s doing all this, I’m doing the complete opposite. I’m... Read more »

The worst $7 mistake I ever made

The worst $7 mistake I ever made
I remember the conversation like it was yesterday, which is weird because sometimes I can’t even remember my middle name. Earlier this summer my friend told me her daughter will only wear this one sundress so she has to do the laundry every night. Being the amazing friend that I am I nodded and smiled,... Read more »
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