#likeagirl, #likeaboy, #likethekickasskidyouare nomatterwhatyoudo

Ahhhhhhhhh, I HATE HATE HATE when someone comes up with an idea that I wish I had!!! Well, I LOVE/HATE it because this idea is SOOOOOO amazing I’m just glad someone came up with it. You’ve probably seen this video but just in case you haven’t yet, this is a video that Always did called #LikeAGirl. It’s all about how… you know what, I’m not gonna butcher it by trying to explain it. If you haven’t seen it, check it out:

And then my awesome blogging friend MommyShorts, who’s also a real life friend…


wrote about the Always campaign yesterday and she had people send in pictures of their daughters doing awesome #LikeAGirl things, and then today she shared some of the favorite pictures she received. Here is my picture of Zoey riding her bike in her ballet outfit #LikeAGirl– the amazing, awesome, kickass girl that she is.


I think what MommyShorts did is so great and shouldn’t stop there! Post your kickass #LikeAGirl pictures of your daughters on my Facebook page. And you know what, I’m taking it a step further.

I ALSO want the moms of sons to post their #LikeABoy pictures too. Yeah, that’s right. Post pictures of your boys in their princess dresses. Post pictures of them with painted nails. Post pictures of them doing ballet and carrying dolls and pushing strollers. Because you can push a stroller #LikeABoy. You can wear nail polish #LikeABoy. You can do ballet #LikeABoy.

If you're a girl be proud of doing it #likeagirl. If you're a boy be proud of doing it #likeaboy. If you're a kid be proud of doing any damn thing you do #liketheawesomekidyouare.

Thank you Always for your amazing campaign. Sometimes something is too great NOT to share.

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