Hells yeah, I'm totally gonna be that kickass mom who leaves notes in her kid's lunchbox!

So guess what Zoey's doing next year. I mean besides all sorts of crap to embarrass me. She's starting school. Like REAL school! And I'm scared to death. Nahhh, not for her. I'm scared for me. I just know I'm gonna be one of THOSE moms. The mom who forgets it's "sock" day. The mom who buys Oreos for the bake sale because she can't bake. The mom who has to stay in her car at pickup because she accidentally left the house in pajamas.

But damn it, I'm gonna try to be one of those awesome moms. I'm gonna do shit like chaperone on field trips and bring homemade snacks in the car and leave cute little notes in her lunchbox. Hmmm, what would I write on them? Lemme think, lemme think. Oh, I know, here are a few ideas:

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