Subway sandwich lady, this is my F.U. to you since I'm too much of a coward to say it to your face

Okay, I just have to get something off my chest because it’s pissing me off and festering inside me and uuuurrrrgggghhhh, this is the kind of shit I can’t get out of my head sometimes but if I write about it here and a few of you guys say to stop worrying about it, I’ll be able to push it aside.

So last week I went to Subway for lunch. No biggie. I ordered my sandwich from my main man, shit, I wish I knew my main man’s name because I order from him all the time and he’s like totally awesome, but I don’t know his name. Anyways, I ordered my sandwich, picked up my chips, and moved to the cash register and the cashier lady was yapping on the phone when I paid, not like taking an order on the phone but yapping with a friend or someone, so apparently she didn’t hear me say, “I want a drink too.”

But I didn’t know she didn’t hear me, so I took my cup and proceeded to fill it up at the fountain, and she looked at me like I was stealing the drink and said, “I didn’t charge you for that.” Now I’m thinking two things. A. You didn’t charge me OR see me take the cup because you were too busy yapping to your buddy on the phone and not doing your job biatch. And B. Do you seriously think I’d so blatantly try to steal a drink that costs like 90 cents?

And because I’m a nice person (even though in my head I’m cursing her out) I tell her I’m sorry I didn’t realize and I’m about to step over and pay her for it even though I’m thinking this drink should be on the house since YOU were the one who made the mistake lady AND it’s an F’ing 90-cents drink NOT a brick of gold.

But guess WTF she says.

Here are some normal responses she should have said:

Don’t worry about it, it was my fault.

Don’t worry about it, it’s a stupid fountain drink and we can eat the 5 cents it costs us.

Don’t worry about it, I’m a douchenugget.

But here’s what she really says:

Don’t worry about it, I’ll charge you for it next time you come in.

As if that wasn’t annoying enough, today when I came in for a sandwich again like a week later and my main man Mr. Awesome Sandwich Maker is checking me out at the cash register, she yells down the length of the counter, “Charge her for an extra drink! She took one last time!”

WTF?! I mean here’s the thing. Like I said before, I have no F’ing problem paying whatever small amount it costs to add a drink onto my meal, but are you shitting me? Not only did this lady F up in the first place, but she’s being extra douchebaggy now.

And here’s the thing that sucks the most out of it. This shit is totally eating me up inside now. Why the hell do I keep replaying this stupid scenario over and over again in my head? Why the hell am I the one who feels awkward and weird about this? Why the hell am I gonna be the one who has to drive out of my way six blocks next time to go to a different Subway so I don’t have to face this shartface who thinks I’m a thief.

I soooooo wish I were one of those people who could let this kind of shit roll off my back and forget about it forever. But I'm not.

Urrrrrrgghh, that’s it. Thanks for listening. I already feel better.

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