Ten sure-fire ways to make sure douchebags don't ring your doorbell during nap time

Awww crap, are you F’ing kidding me? I just rocked my little rug rat for like 16 hours and sang him like 9,000 lullabies and two minutes after he FINALLLLY falls asleep, what happens? DING DONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are you F’ing kidding me? Yo delivery dude, did you just choose to ignore the little post it note I taped by the doorbell that says “Do not ring F’ing bell PLEASE (I added the please so I wouldn’t come across as a total bitch).” Anyways, you suck. And you know what, I’m not messing around anymore. From now on, F the please. Here are a few examples of what my post it note is gonna say from now on.


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