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Holy crap, Disney's newest princes are gay. Finally!!!

So the other day we’re driving in Chicago when my daughter points out the window. ZOEY: Look a rainbow flag! Now Zoey is at the age that she is like ridiculously into rainbows. Like if you ask her what her favorite color is right now she’ll answer rainbow. The first time she said it I... Read more »

Momventions. Yeah, I know that’s like a totally stupid name, but what do you think I am, a writer or something

Here’s the thing. I should be an F’ing millionaire. Nah, not off this blogging crap. That would just be my hobby that I’d do from my island in the Caribbean. But I could make like zillions of dollars if I ever got off my ass and figured out how to invent all the ideas I’ve... Read more »

Breast milk lollipops– so real I thought I was sucking on my mom's boobies

Breast milk lollipops– so real I thought I was sucking on my mom's boobies
Holy crap, have you seen these things?! Breast milk lollipops. I shit you not. Breast milk! Who the hell needs good ole sour apple when you can have breast milk flavor, right? Wrong. Like really really wrong. But apparently this company in Austin, Texas thinks there’s a need for this. I mean I have nothing against... Read more »
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