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It's a boy!!! And we named him Flipper!

It's a boy!!! And we named him Flipper!
Hey, did you hear about this shit? This couple has decided to travel to Hawaii where they can do what’s called a dolphin-assisted birth. Go ahead and click on the link if you don’t believe me, I could not make this shit up. Yeah, I can see why they might they might think giving birth in... Read more »

Men experience simulated labor. Who the hell doesn’t want to see two grown men writhing in pain?

Holy shit, have you seen this? Two guys decided to see a doctor who could simulate what it feels like to be in labor. This video cracks me the hell up, and of course, I have a few of my own thoughts. 1. I love how every time men do this (yes, I’ve seen another... Read more »

Yo Channing Tatum, this pap smear's for you

So the other day my blogging friend The Underachiever’s Guide to Being a Domestic Goddess and I were talking about vajayjays (uhhh, totally normal conversation, right?) and we decided that gynecologists (I shit you not, I had to spell this word like 9 times to get it right) need to change a few things around... Read more »

The Abercrombie & Fitch CEO needs to go F himself

Okay, have you seen the shit the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch said? If you haven’t and are a motivated person, here’s an article about it. But if you’re lazy (like me), I’ll sum it up in a nutshell. The article for people who are more motivated than I am Nutshell version: So this dickwad... Read more »

Hells yeah I deserve a good Mother's Day gift, I wipe your ass every day, don't I?

So it’s almost Mother’s Day. And I can’t F’ing wait. Nahhh, that’s a total lie because really it’s no different than any other day. I think all kids should have to hold in their poop on Mother’s Day because that would make it special, right? Just this morning I told my husband he’s not allowed... Read more »
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