We are all parents

Yesterday a mom told her son to put on his shoes no fewer than four times before she finally exploded. PUT ON YOUR SHOES!!! She felt bad about it, but he finally put on his shoes, and it was quiet the whole way to school. And then later that day she watched the news and all she wanted to do was drive to her son’s school to hug him. To say she was sorry.

Did this really happen? No. Maybe. I don’t know. But something like it probably did.

We are all parents. And it is our job to teach our little birdies to fly. And sometimes that means hugging them a lot. And sometimes it means yelling at them. And sometimes it means we call them a-holes, rugrats and d-bags. Not to their faces of course. We are just doing the best job we can. And we are all doing a great job, even when we lose it.

I’m going to keep writing funny stuff about our kiddos. It’s just something I do to get me through the day. And lately it’s been getting a lot of other parents through their days too. And nights. But as I type each and every word, my heart is with the parents who have lost their kids. Yesterday and every day. The twenty in CT, as well as all the others around the world.

I’m a parent first and a comedian second. Both roles make it impossible to know what to write at times like these. I will say this. We all say a lot of things to our children. Some of them good. Some of them not as good. Because it’s what helps them grow. But the most important thing we say is I love you. We say it all the time. Even when we’re not actually saying it.

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